Energy Exchange                                                                                                                            First Thursday of the Month          

 A session for energy practitioners to join a group and have an opportunity to share their talents and gifts with each other. 

They would give a treatment and they would receive a treatment.  Mostly for other Reiki practitioners but would welcome other practices.  Allows everyone to learn about other services and to build a network supportive healers.

Is an energy based healing practice that directs the life force energy as needed to the whole body. The result is increased energy flow, circulation, vitality, relaxation and balance.  Reiki energy flows through the practitioner by placing hands on or off the body to induce healing to localized areas and all over.  Type your paragraph here.

Facilitate the awareness of your thought patterns, belief systems and perceptions which may be limiting your life experiences.  Personal planning and support to help reduce a stressed lifestyle utilizing your strengths, gifts, abilities to bring your life into balance, clearing blockages frees your  to find your own path of joy, love and personal fulfilment. 

Workshop Sessions & Seminars

Whole Person Wellness 

Reflexology (Feet and Hands)  
Massage pressure to help maintain health, relieve tension improve circulation, reduce stress, and trigger the body’s own healing response. We begin with a refreshing foot soak, an energy clearing, the reflexology session, ending with an aroma lotion for a full relaxing experience.  Reflexology is a natural healing art based on the principal of applying pressure on reflex points on the feet & hands that correspond to every body system, part, gland and organ.  

Meditation Practice Circle     

An opportunity to join together and to practice how to meditate, visualize, and relax.  Do a guided meditation, pick a focus, and journal your own experience.  Learn deeper by sharing experiences and discuss findings.  

Bach Flower Essences

Vibrational Essences used to help cope with a variety of emotional states.  help you to stay calm, clear headed and aware of all your emotions and experiences. 

Tuesdays with Georgina                                                                                                                                        Third Thursday of Month

A evening reviewing a specific topic.  Moving to understand it from a variety of perspectives and experiences.  

Allowing people to share, discuss and integrate different interpretation and meanings.   

Wholistic Services

The Whole You 

Therapeutic Touch
A hand’s off approach of relaxation to aid the body’ own ability to shift its own energy and heal itself. Move the hands over the whole body to clear the energy field of blockages and static.  Type your paragraph here.

Energy Work & Flow  

(Chakra Balancing)    
Using Universal energy to clear and balance energy centres in the body, mind, emotional, auric, etheric, spirit, and electromagnetic fields using hands, crystals, colours, sound, and magnets.

Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching Services

Stress Management & Meditation & Learning Life Lessons 

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