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Welcome to Well Aware Inc.

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Practitioners at Well Aware Inc. follow a Natural Approach to your healing.
Our aim is to address the whole body integrating a variety of modalities and techniques best suited to your individual needs.   Wholistic practitioners assist your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical states of well –being, to aid in your own healing, personal growth and awareness.   Our focus is providing you the tools to best manage the stress of life and build balance, peace, and joy into your life.  We offer individual services, regular learning groups, specific workshop topics, and customized presentations to best suit your needs.  Located in a beautiful country setting north-west of Toronto or at your facility or event.

Reiki,  Energy Flow, Therapeutic Touch, 

A laying of hands on or close to the  body & head. Use auric energy to remove blocks, open centres and restore vitality to person's system.


Gentle massage of the feet & hands on reflex points that refer to body systems, organs and parts.  Improves the body's own healing, circulation  and relaxation.

Wellness & Lifestyle Workshops / Seminars 

Customized learning classes on Wellness topics. Weekly classes in meditation & gentle exercises. Monthly groups in stress & coping, relaxation, healing and life lessons.



All services are conducted in a beautiful quiet country setting by trained and licensed practitioners.  We work openly and cooperatively with you to ensure we create a program that meets your mental, physical, emotional, heart and spiritual needs.  We work collaboratively with other health care practitioners to ensure you receive the most updated approach and information to match your positive journey to Wellness & good health. 

Wholistic Services

'The Whole You'

We listen carefully to your life experiences to apply services that would best meet your needs.  We offer Reflexology,  Reiki, Therapeutic Touch,  Energy Work Chakra Balancing, Aroma-Essential Oils, and Bach FlowerRemedies to address current states of Being.

Workshop Sessions & Seminars

'Whole Person Wellness'
Gather with other like- minded people interested in learning and practicing new helpful lifestyle habit.  Experienced facilitators will share skills, information, techniques and steps to integrate changes for peace & balance into your life.

Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching

'Stress Management' 

​Personal coaching and support to help you manage a stressed lifestyle to achieve  personal goals and a work - home -life balance.  Utilize your strengths, gifts and abilities to clear blockages and create a plan that leads you to a path of calmness, joy and personal fulfilment.